Finding it hard to lay your hands on vital information, facts, figures, research, and other useful stuff?

Then join the most effective network around, membership only works when there is useful interaction among members. Without such an interaction, one, both, or all parties will be potentially disappointed.

SMI Philippines views membership as an active investment into the pool of knowledge, which the Institute represents. It also offers an array of benefits and privileges to members for them to make the most out of their membership, which includes discounts, networking opportunities, and many more.

Individual Member

SMI Philippines individual membership is open to anyone interested in the sales profession. If your work involves sales-related projects or you simply want to learn more about them, an individual membership is a good for you.

Student Member

SMI Philippines memberships aren’t just for sales professionals.  If you are enrolled in any SMI Philippines accredited college or university in the world, the student membership may be right for you. Students can also apply to become Associate Marketing Professional (AMP).  All you need is show your interest in the sales field and evidence of enrollment.

Certified Member

SMI Philippines certified membership is for professionals who have been awarded the Certified Sales Professional (CSP®) and Certified Marketing Professional (CMP®) designation.

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