The expertise of our Members covers most sales processes and includes experience in most industries. SMI Philippines does not charge referral payments for any  of these services, so there are no financial conflicts of interest with the client, the consultant, or SMI Philippines.

SMI Philippines’ objective is to provide hiring managers with the best possible professional sales consulting services from our members. All members provide, create, and maintain their own profiles. SMI Philippines is not responsible for the contents of the member profiles, nor does it guarantee the performance of service provided by its members.

Why Hire a Sales and Marketing Professional?

Why have the Sales and Marketing Institute certifications become so sought after by clients and the employers who serve them?

The answer is simple. The public is looking for a sales and marketing professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to competency, and sales professionals want an established certification that sets them apart in a globally expanding sales profession.

A Sales and Marketing Institute certification programs leverages on the knowledge and prestige associated with the world’s most recognized sales certification. Our Sales and Marketing professionals are equipped to provide truly personalized services to clients and maintain high levels of sales professionalism and expertise.

How to Hire a Sales and Marketing Professional?

SMI Philippines provides professional development resources to its members to improve their consulting skills and ethical sensitivities. It also provides resources to hiring managers to help them successfully identify, select, manage and evaluate consultants.

A Sales and Marketing Professional in your area may be available to provide an in-house workshop.

Use the Inquiry form to request information on arranging to have a Sales and Marketing Professional consultation.